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[07 Dec 2017|08:48pm]


hello new friends! i'm finally ready to apply this girl so i thought i'd try to come work out some more connections with you lovely folks. this is casey sloane (aka wonder girl cassie sandsmark), a 23 year old boston university law student and fairly new boston transplant. her story is here for those of you who care to read about it, but the short version is that she's an aspiring criminal defense lawyer slash crusader for the innocent (until proven guilty.) she was born and raised in brooklyn, ny and moved to boston in the summer of 2016 to attend law school. until recently she was working at her family's law firm, but she's currently job hunting while teaching yoga classes and podcasting about murder on the side. she's a weirdo who talks a lot, is fascinated by esoteric things that other people know a lot about, and is always up for outdoorsy things.

some current lines i have are [info]kirki who is her mom's older sister and a bunch of lady friends in [info]hellsgate, [info]deux, and [info]novastar. other than that i'm open for pretty much anything so feel free to throw some suggestions at me, no matter how random!
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instagram [07 Dec 2017|12:01pm]

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[06 Dec 2017|08:50pm]



hey ya'll! i'm bringing miss francesca hiller aka frankie aka felicia hardy/black cat. a few of you may remember her from about a year/year and a half ago... she's always held a special place in my heart and i'm super excited to get the opportunity to bring her back! at 26 she's a junior curator at the ica boston and also runs a pseudo popular fashion blog called the cat's meow. having suffered a sexual attack her freshman year of college she's a proud woman's rights activist (i'll photoshop her face on people magazine later), avid cartoon/anime watcher and closeted clepto. i don't want to bore you too much so if you are looking for more info i'd suggest scanning her bio, in the meantime i'd love to work out some lines! she needs pretty much everything - a killer girl squad, a roommate (or two), shopping buddies, fellow artsy fartsy types, a gym partner b/c she's terrible at motivating herself, an ex of either gender, some baddies to lure her to the dark side and the spidey gang to stop in and say hey.

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[06 Dec 2017|03:39pm]


hello lineart, having just finished this lovely here i thought i'd toss out some feelers before applying. this is danielle tesia, otherwise known as donna troy. she's originally from new york, and has lived in boston about three years. she is 29 years old and has an adorable 2 year old daughter. she was a photojournalist in a past life and now is more of a lifestyle photographer and owns her own photography business. she's got step-siblings and an ex who, while not currently planned to be in game, could always end up being apart of this wacky world.

she is pretty easy going, a bit neurotic and constantly on the go. the highlight of her week is spending a night in watching silly movies with her daughter. she sees her life as a package deal, if she goes anywhere 9 times out of 10 she has a tiny attachment. she's a bit sarcastic, but then feels bad if she thinks someone took her seriously and got offended. she loves harry potter and to do pintrest crafts, because who doesn't love a good pintrest fail? she speaks a few different languages, nothing too well but enough to get by from her years traveling.

she's got a close mom friend in [info]novastar, a friend who she has bonded with over the sheer fact they both lived in brooklyn at somepoint in [info]recurves and i'd love to work out anything and everything else. i'd love to workout lines with all the teen titans, any of the jla peeps and definitely want all you have wonder woman!
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[03 Dec 2017|07:55pm]


did you think you could get rid of me?? kidding, i'm just happy to be here with everyone! hello, welcome to me making my last stand with this guy, reintroducing bobby kander aka klarion the witch boy. oh yes, you heard me, new cv! he's still magical and sassy and self indulgent but with more villainous leanings come cv weeks, so look out for that. dun dun dun, witch boy.

he's still mostly the same au wise, currently unemployed, but he's bumped around for work here and there and is currently looking for part-time work so holler at ya boy if you have work. bobby's a big lovebug, incredibly sassy and oft sarcastic but he means well. he has varied interests that range from kpop to japanese cartoons, to everything nerdy in-between, just ask. i'm honestly just so bad at this. look at his connections: currently dating [info]runs, is friends with a range of people like [info]aikido, [info]novastar, [info]elusive, [info]rains, used to date [info]slushpuppie, and just wants to be friends with all of you.
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narrative; november 19, 2017 [03 Dec 2017|05:07pm]

paradigm shiftRead more... )

on a scale of one to ten, how's your holiday shopping going? [03 Dec 2017|04:26pm]

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so go for the kill cause no one else cares
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[02 Dec 2017|07:53pm]


sup lineart, i'm nearly done working on this dude here named sol barton. also known as clint barton aka hawkeye in the comic world. he's originally from texas, but he's lived on the west coast and east coast in his 32 years of life. he's equal parts sporty and nerdy because he's an avid baseball fan who had big time dreams of pro ball before he had an elbow injury that stopped him from pitching, so that's given way to the computer nerd inside of him. he came to boston about 6 years ago to coach high school baseball, but also started taking classes in web/graphic design/general computer stuff. so he's a bit of a jack of all trades where computer/it stuff is concerned and freelances a bunch. but he's still coaching baseball and now also basketball, so he's a year round sports dude.

he's pretty chill, charismatic and extroverted, has a solid sense of humor (that i hope i can portray well), loves him some old western movies because he likes to pretend he's a cowboy, kinda dumb and doesn't always think before he speaks, loves the ladies, you know stuff like that.

right now i've been talking through a few lines, so i know he's going to be best friends with [info]arcum (he don't need yo' judgment for the age gap, thank you), and through her he'll be friends with [info]stinger, and any of their other pals, potentially? then he also is neighbors with [info]advogado, gym buddies with [info]tactician, and knows [info]oktober through work related things. i think those are all the people i've talked to so far, but if i forgot someone then i apologize. hit me up, gimme the goods, let's do the thing.
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[01 Dec 2017|07:01pm]


oh hey guys. so, i did a nice little switcharoo with this lady's cv claim. the artist formerly known as ~earthly/toma/terra is now the new and improved speedy aka mia dearden aka her au counterpart in miranda (mia) darling. a couple helpful links can be found here for the tl;dr crowd and here for the whole she-bang.

i am always open to finding any and all new connections for her. currently, she's got some cute stuff and things going on with [info]destructible, has an ex along with some awkward moments in [info]growled, and works at [info]mantieo's cafe which she's actually perfectly intent with. also, she has friends/pals/amigos/acquaintances (i think) in [info]novastar, [info]aikido, [info]hellsgate and [info]kyujutsu. that being said, give me all the things such as neighbors since she just moved, uncomfortable dates, people who think she's a little odd, and everything in between.
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ask her about her feminist agenda ;) [30 Nov 2017|09:07pm]



evening all! i'm hoping to have this gal applied either tonight or tomorrow morning but i'd love to work out a few more lines for her in the meantime! meet roberta ("bob" if you like) morgan, a 34-year-old army brat, full time punching bag (read: high school science teacher) and part time stretchy person (see: aerial silks and trapeze instructor). her cv counterpart is bobbi morse/mockingbird. bob was born in san diego but her family moved around A LOT before they settled in boston shortly before her 9th birthday. she's been friends with (and a rather unsuccessful matchmaker for) [info]languages and [info]tactician since high school. she also has good friends in [info]jokers and [info]pulitzer, who she roomed with at boston university. oh, and she frequents [info]icebergs' end of the bar semi-regularly. all that to say! i would love an ex of either gender, especially one from high school or college. friendlies are always nice, too. i'd also love to chat with the avengers! come one, come all!

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[30 Nov 2017|09:01pm]


Hello! This is Eleanor Brickman, but she just goes by Leni. Her CV counterpart is the shapeshifting part time x-man, Mystique. But in the AU she's a 31 year old hair stylist and makeup artist at an upscale salon. She lives in a brownstone in Back Bay with an old family friend (emphasis on old) and his weird dog. She's been in Boston for a few years now, born in New Haven, CT and went to high school in Utah, at a school for troubled teenagers because she was a huge asshole back in the day and wouldn't listen to a single person in authority. She graduated (which was a surprise to everyone) and spent the next 5 years traveling the world. Europe, Asia, Australia and then she got married and moved with her husband to Argentina, where he was originally from. That didn't work out and she ditched him, Irish goodbye style, and spent a year in Costa Rica before heading home. Except she went straight to New Hampshire where she harassed her cousin [info]caped. While her younger cousin was going to school to save humans, she realized she needed to figure her life out, so she chose to go to cosmetology school. She continued to stalk Nora further and moved to Boston, where she moved in with her grandparent's friend whom I mentioned earlier.

Personality wise, she's mostly friendly. Still has a small issue with authority, but does much better now that she's grown up. She's blunt and very to the point with her friends, but would do pretty much anything for them. Except lie. So far all I have is a cousin in [info]caped and a possible client in [info]glowing. I'd love everything else! Friends, neighbors in back bay, ex flings and one night stands of either gender, clients who like getting their hair and makeup done, people she may have met on her travels, because the coincidence of them being in the same city is fun, yoga buddies, friends she's made at bars and basically anything we can brainstorm something wonderful.
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[30 Nov 2017|04:04pm]



hiii frans! it's been a minute :/ a lot has happened this month and somehow i kind of lost my muse for walker along the way. between getting sick, getting married ( fyi - this was my wedding cake ) and then catching the plague it's been hard to focus on the game but after pondering a cv switch i decided to just swap out pbs, shake up some stuff in her personal life and throw her out there for more lines. for those of you that don't remember, miss walker here goes by the scarlet witch in cv. she's a 30 year old ex-model turned freelance pr/social media specialist with a penchant for rock 'n roll. having grown up in westchester, new york with her cousin/pseudo older brother [info]magnetic she moved to manhattan proper right after high school in hopes of becoming a full time musician but modeling fell into her lap instead. she was pretty successful but the influence of the lifestyle eventually became too much for her and after a stint in rehab she opted to follow eli up north and (hopefully) away from temptation. she's been kicking around boston for about 6ish years now, playing in the occasional band (her latest effort - pure chaos just called it quits) and helping start ups who aren't ready to bring a full time pr/marketing/social media squad on deck. although recently she's grown tired of that hustle and has literally just started shopping brick and mortar spaces to hopefully launch a more event planning focused venture.

personality wise she's a definite acquired taste. she doesn't always come off as the most warm person and tends to delve into entirely too philosophical/long winded conversations that can be draining on people who don't know her too well. she's got a wicked sense of humor though, so that kind of helps balance the weight of her word vomit in the long run. she's not a heavy drinker but will partake on the occasional special occasion and is a total light weight because of it. thanks to her time in the fashion industry she's got expensive taste despite modeling her aesthetic after a bag lady/college drop out/crust punk. she loves horror movies, punk rock and has recently gotten super on board with crystals, holistic medicines/therapies and all of that mumbo jumbo.

line wise she literally needs everything - a roommate or close neighbor to binge watch tv in their pjs with, ex's of either gender, a future business partner(s), people she's worked with in the past, fellow musicians, a club that would maybe be interested in launching a goth girl dance party once a month where she'd happily dj, cv connections b/c she's got a fuckin' ton, people who know eli b/c she'd be all up in their shit too, anything because i'm really excited about freshening and hopefully lightening up my take on her!

ps. i also have [info]cluedin who is still shiny and new and needs all the love she can get so if you want to work something up for her as well i wouldn't say no.

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[29 Nov 2017|08:29pm]


helloooo, boston. you might remember this pot dealing witchy lady sometimes known as zatanna zatara, but if you don't, it's cool cause i revamped her! her new name is cynthia cross. she's now raised in new york instead of a londoner, though she still bounced around all over the place while her dad did secret spy stuff. she's also now a personal assistant to [info]billion and a pot dealer on the side, and she'll also read your tarot cards for a fee! in general, she's a little more put together than 1.0 was, though still a little punk who is prone to getting into trouble and getting herself arrested at protests. she loves the color black but she also loves her lisa frank stickers, so consider her a girly enigma. lines wise i'm not looking for anything in particular but i would love more magic users to form a semi-coven with, some exes of either gender, people she knew in new york, another homeowner in boston who likes to talk about lighting fixtures with her, customers for her edibles or tarot readings (or both!), aaand i dunno, just about anything! hit me up. <3

also, i'm not set on jenna if y'all have pb suggestions!
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[29 Nov 2017|01:06pm]

 an abandoned article draft for the player's tribune. . )

[29 Nov 2017|02:13am]


Good evening everyone! I'm bringing to you all a revamp of an old character (~exquisite/Talia al Ghul) in the form of Adriana Cruz and Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz). Her background is significantly different but their personalities are still somewhat similar. Ana suffers from a string of mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression similarly to her CV. And like her CV, she usually suffers from it behind closed doors. Being born a second-generation child to Mexican immigrant parents has shaped Adriana and has undoubtedly played a part in why she suffers from anxiety, etc. Her parents want her to succeed in life and so does she but on Adriana's end, maybe a little too much. She eventually moved to Boston from Dearborn, MI to attend Boston University and has since extended her visit. Post-graduation, her depression crippled her but after six months of unemployment, Adriana found her path. She's currently a staff writer at the Boston Globe with the high hopes of changing the world. Ana's still figuring out the latter part. Little does she know, she's a Green Lantern.

In terms of lines, so far she only has [info]destructible which she's in a very complicated, on-off relationship with. Ana could really use anything and everything. I would love college friends, friends in general, exes, and flings. I'm also open to other suggestions. DC or Marvel, give me everything.
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[29 Nov 2017|11:13am]


since i'm coming up to my two year anniversary, i thought it might be a good idea to make some changes to my resident sourpuss in the hopes of breathing new life into her.

to start, there are a few big changes that i need to get out of the way first, so i'd like to (re)introduce you to caitlin petrova! caitlin is 26, was born an only child (or so she believes) and raised by her maternal aunt and uncle (a fact she didn't know until her 18th birthday). the family moved to america from ukraine when she was 3 (and i'm totally borrowing this origin story for my purposes) they settled first in chicago on a refugee visa and then moved to boston a few years later to be closer to their american relatives.

by day, cait works as a computational linguist for [info]billion's tech company along with [info]muscles and a bunch of other people, i'm sure! [info]teleports is her bff for life from middle school and current roommate. they have a complicated, codependent relationship that they can't quite figure out, but it works. [info]steely is her soon to be fiancee, so she's fattening herself up so that he can wife her for real and [info]solitude is her only serious ex (and they're still friends, yay!) [info]blam is her adoptive cousin but she considers him to be like a big brother and she's also close (see: in love) with [info]greenwarrior. [info]zippo and [info]watersheds are her favourite princesses in all the land. she was also the personal assistant to [info]glowing, a perpetual student at bu until 2016 and roommates with [info]caped for a few years!

she suffers from anxiety and agoraphobia and has a therapy dog named yentl who she takes to work and two cats named bruno and duchess that just laze around the house all day and shed. in her downtime, she can be found eating her weight in donuts, updating her instagram or indulging in any number of her hobbies. she's an ex-ballerina, classically trained pianist and she played violin for a few years too, but gave all of it up once she got to high school. she does her best to observe jewish religious days and customs, but also likes to mooch off the russian orthodox feast days because food.

tldr version give me your lines new old or refreshed! if i missed you it's not on purpose, i've just been trying to write this post on my phone for an hour and i got fed up with autocorrect stuffing up the html. please pity me (and give me lines).
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[28 Nov 2017|04:18pm]


hello moto! i just realized that i’ve been here since february and it’s probably high time i did another one of these. may is your resident mermaid. you may have seen her in such reckless tests of endurance as the 2008 olympics in beijing (she medaled silver in the women’s 10m platform dive event) and all the subsequent endorsement and sponsorship campaigns that stemmed from it. she modeled in magazines like sports illustrated and vanity fair, and did campaigns for companies like speedo, visa and at&t. she eventually settled into a life as the assistant coach for harvard university’s women’s swimming and diving team (her alma mater), which she still does today when not coaching junior teams at a swim club in boston. long story short, she grew up fairly wealthy over in salem mass., the only child of jewish parents, and her father did investment finance for [info]billion’s company until he retired due to his developing huntington’s disease and related dementia. her mother passed away from breast cancer several years ago, so may splits her time working and socializing between looking in on her dad. she owns a home in east cambridge and has been dating [info]swamps since september. she’s been inhabited by the queen of atlantis, mera, who eats lackeys for breakfast and is a sullen, privileged pain in the ass most of the time. she will toss you around like a discarded bath toy if she feels like it. she feels like doing so a lot lately, and with unveiling and other stuff on the horizon, it’s bound to continue. (one word: tsunami). she's a stark contrast to much more happier go luckier may, who likes fashion and art and girly stuff and the occasional cannabis and nature and the magical/metaphysical, the sciences and drinking a lot of wine, etc etc.

may’s bffs are [info]muscles, [info]hellenic, [info]elusive and [info]steelgrip. she has buddies of various degrees and histories in [info]solitude, [info]teleports, [info]caped, [info]rains, [info]greenwarrior, [info]tsume, [info]steely, [info]blam, [info]growled, [info]novastar, [info]hairy, [info]brightlicity, [info]submariner…and a million others too long to list. she’s also got a neighbor in [info]kirki i believe, and [info]magnetron, and others i think, but i can’t remember. there’s probably other stuff i’m forgetting too so forgive me, i know she’s had interactions with a lot of people here, justice league especially, plus has met some new faces recently (you know who you are). but i’d be delighted to solidify lines with anyone or create new ones or just plot in general! mera might bite, but may doesn’t (hard).
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[28 Nov 2017|03:27pm]


Now that I've got the jist of what I am going to pull together (just need the damn time to do it), I'm going to throw this up for some more lines. This is Sarah Rilleux, formerly known as Marrow, but now the notorious Killer Frost (new 52 version, as much as I love the man haters club Louise Lincoln and Crystal had, lol). She is still born and raised in Louisiana, though her less than stellar upbringing is due more to parents who were either dead or buried themselves in work (so they might as well have been), and her transplanting to Pittsburg (instead of New York) was simply due to finding her own way in life. She worked some odd jobs, got into some trouble, almost had a child, etc., etc.--all the same business in her former bio (which is still visible, I believe), and eventually found her way to Boston where she has settled in pretty nicely.

Line-wise, she works for [info]fiery and [info]magnetic as a bartender at The 802, as well as a receptionist for XC Corp under [info]billion, has a childhood friend in [info]zooming, a big sister type in [info]exhale, and further friends in [info]manteio (still in the works) and [info]pulitzer. As for any established lines during her X-Men days, I'd love to reconnect and rehash if necessary, and, of course, new lines will always be amazing and welcome! She could use friends of all varieties, exes of either gender, bar customers, people she has had to show the door at XC Corp for some reason, and even future shenanigans and CV week ties. I'm open to figuring anything out!
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[28 Nov 2017|08:57pm]


my timing is terrible as always, but good things come in threes, so here's another cv change for your pleasure. i'm trading in (or trading up) sabretooth for constantine since the allure of the crusty hellblazer is just too difficult to resist. basically, not a lot has changed, but i'm going to need all kinds of lines and i'll take literally anything.

he's 38 and an ex-hitman, trying to get on the straight and narrow though he keeps getting roped back into the work since it's easy money and he's a really good shot. by day, he masquerades as a sales consultant, though it's a front for his actual business. he's also a part-time carpenter a la ron swanson and has a workshop attached to a cabin in the woods that he slinks off to on the weekends. he's a recovering drug addict who regularly attends meetings and will be five years sober this year. hec had a very troubled upbringing and was taken away from his abusive father and put into the system after his mother died.

he grew up in british columbia (see what i did there) and had a hard time learning at school, so he acted out, dropped out when he was fifteen and ran away to detroit. there, he got tangled up in a bad crowd and eventually started working as an errand boy for a powerful russian family which brought him to boston. when he was 18, he helped rescue a six year old [info]teleports from kidnappers and got promoted to bodyguard by her dad. he stayed on with the family until his mid 20s, got his GED and attempted to make his first clean break from "the business" but it didn't happen for him and a whole lot of calamity followed. personality wise, he learned how to live on the streets, so he's not book smart, but he's charming enough to get away with it. he's a religious man (because irony), but doesn't like to pontificate. music is one of the ways he unwinds and he taught himself how to play guitar. his singing voice got an upgrade with the cv change, so for all intents and purposes he sounds a little something like tim bergling/avicii.

so give me all your tired, your poor, your magical masses. justice league dark, justice league, people who like to chain smoke and wear long trench coats and contemplate their existence. the sky's the limit!
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[27 Nov 2017|10:46pm]


so i'm also changing up her cv from mystique to she-hulk. her bio has changed quite a lot and i'm afraid that means a lot of her lines have turned to dust.

let me introduce you to willa jameson. she's a lawyer who only works for [info]billion on the side and does a little pro bono work here and there. she's from l.a. originally but has been in boston for the better part of a decade. she still has her sex shop, so [info]independencia still has a part-time job there. she still has a bff in [info]watersheds and a pretty major ex in [info]hellenic. she also gave up her son for adoption about 11 years ago and i think [info]greenwarrior is still helping her track him down.

i'm in the process of moving her things over to a new neocities account, but her bio is up here. if you don't want to read it, she grew up with a detective father, her best friend was murdered in high school which led her to becoming a lawyer, she went to ucla law school, worked in california for a year before she got pregnant, gave her son up for adoption, moved to boston a couple years after that, worked her butt off for a firm for about five years before she was left the sex shop in the will of a woman she defended, has been doing that ever since and has just started the process of looking for her son.

she's still super into yoga and fitness, enjoys a night out, she plays piano and enjoys karaoke, she has a dog named bruce that she adopted a couple of years ago that she spends all of her time with, she's into all that girlie shit like shoes and makeup and stuff like that and she's avidly on ig and snapchat. if you've got anything you can throw at her, please do! she really needs friends, an ex or two, flings, weird blind dates, maybe a family line or something more solid like that. i'll take anything!
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