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[15 May 2018|09:12pm]


after going back and forth and all around i've decided to pull the trigger and go through with bringing her to all you lovely people! alison carter, au counterpart of dazzler. i won't bore you with all the details as you can take a peek at her bio, but a couple important notes: '

• her father's a moderately successful musician who she didn't meet until she was ten.
• she is fairly musical herself, though takes much more to the business side.
• her pride and joy is a music venue based off of boston's own paradise rock club which is called lightengale armory. it may or may not have a full recording studio in the basement, because why not?

just for convenience, i'm also using the schedule for paradise rock club. i'll be working out details for other showcases and different events they may also have going on. it will be fun, promise! as far as lines, she's very open where that goes. she has a best friend in [info]bugs who unbeknownst to anyone (even him) was a main factor in her divorce a couple years back. [info]rains is a friend through the club as the two have collaborated on showcases in the past. i'd love to iron out a few more things (especially with all you x-people!) from exes, to people she knew when she was interning in nyc, anyone who's been to her venue, employees, friends... etc.
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[12 May 2018|06:02pm]


oh hai mark, it's your bitchy neighborhood clone! you know, maddy pryor who is going to be having a bit of a tough/weird time this cv week. jean won't be around, but cable is (happy mother's day to the kid she almost killed???) so it's a weird week coming up. i'm down for anything, esp any x-folk and anyone dealing with this week's cv plot. or someone to hug or for her to take out her frustration on. i'm greedy, so gimme.
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[12 May 2018|06:42pm]


how is it already saturday? i’ll be around until thursday but scarce after that. plot, scenes, people to be on the receiving end of her combat skills, faces natasha knows, new ones she doesn’t — bring me all of the stuff! <3
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[11 May 2018|06:46pm]


hello everyone. so this guy just passed his six month anniversary here in the comm, so i thought this might be a fun/good/convenient time to toss one of these up to sort of refresh lines and connections for him. both because people have come and gone, but also because i'm the worst and am very forgetful. so...whoops?

but anyway! lucas here is 43 and is actually a new york city native, where he grew up in the 'high society'. didn't exactly have a happy childhood, so he booked it to boston as soon as he had finished with college. he worked for a few years as a financial advisor for a local company, got married, had a couple kids (his son just turned 13 and his daughter is 10), and also bought a few local businesses as well as acted as an investor for other businesses. in 2010 he became the ceo of matfield financials (think edward jones but with more variety of businesses) since it had always been in the hands of someone in his family. but he chose not to move back to nyc, and instead does most of his work with them through email or the phone. he also works as a bartender, mostly because he just enjoys the work and the people.

personality-wise? oh yes, he's a dorky dad. he's a dungeons and dragons enthusiast, having played since he was a teenager and is constantly acting as a dm for local groups and adventure league. he's a fan of adult cartoons and comedy shows (and will often choose sitting at home for a netflix marathon over going out). he's a pretty easy-going guy so long as he's not in 'work mode', as he can become fairly detached and ruthless when it comes to that (business is business, folks). he's very involved in his kids' lives, who he shares custody of with his now ex-wife, who he hates. also, his cv is oswald cobblepot, who is slowly trying to ruin his life by threatening people and stealing shit.

uhhhh....lines-wise, he's got a mostly-hetero lifemate in [info]jokers (they've known each other since they were kids), has been seeing/being kept sane and from making terrible life choices by [info]burglary for a few months now, is [info]arcum's boss, sometimes murders [info]bang in d&d campaigns, and i'm sure there are others but this turned out super long and my brain stopped working. so...lines/refreshed lines and connections, yes?
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[07 May 2018|08:51pm]


i hate doing sl posts due to my inability to keep things short and sweet. i'm going to try really hard but i can't promise much. this is gabe butler, he's 36 and his cv is the thing/ben grimm. aka the giant man made of rock that is also all that's pure in the world. he was born and raised on a dairy farm in maine by jewish parents(well, half). please do not ask him about milking anything with nipples, he will shut down. although he never truly cared for those farm animals, gabe did love animals and went to college, cornell, to become a zoologist. he succeeded and began working in an unpaid position at a zoo in syracuse during school then he got a real one upon graduating. he stayed there for a while before moving to the city to work at the bronx zoo. he met a woman in new york and he was ready to propose when she moved to europe for her job, so he chose to follow her, getting a job at the london zoo, but that didn't last very long and he returned home. he then moved to boston getting a job at franklin park zoo in mid 2013 and has been there ever since. that was long winded but i'm done with that part.

so gabe is a pretty friendly guy, willing to talk for hours about nothing and everything. a bit of a flirt, but hasn't been able to be tied down since his last long term thing. he loves sports especially football and hockey, drinks too much beer during playoffs and talks a big game yet couldn't throw a ball for the life of him. as for lines, i need tons of stuff, but lbr some guys in his life would be nice. he's drowning in estrogen rn. he lives in roslindale next to [info]catling and near [info]rains, he's friends with [info]xiphos, gym buddies and friends with [info]sleeplessagent and possibly friends with [info]unseeable but we haven't finished talking it out yet. i need everything else. more friends, i could do with a cousin, flings, drinking buddies, all kinds of stuff, avengers, fantastic four members outside of the initial four etc.
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[07 May 2018|03:56pm]


hello! i'm bringing in lena giles (pixie / megan gwynn) unbeknownst half-sister of [info]demonish (who is just an old family friend as of now), and current research scientist at vetex pharmaceuticals. she's a girl who grew up rich, but never quite knew how to rest on those laurels. instead, she's a social chameleon who has become a bit of many things to different people - your best friend, ex-mistress, friendly next-door neighbor, girl for the weekend, rising star, committed girlfriend - you name it, she can be it. she got her b.s. in brain & cognitive sciences in 2014 from mit and currently getting her md/phd at harvard, so a little bit of a brainiac (driven by everything she'll be doing with her cv self in limbo) despite her modelesque appearances. her parents are both harvard grads, her mom a doctor and her dad a business man/old boston money stuck in a coma at mass gen. her bio is a wip that you can glance at here, but she need literally everything! people she went to school with, x-fam, people to look at stars with - whatever your heart desires, i'm here to make it happen.
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[06 May 2018|11:40pm]


hello lovelies! i'm bringing you Batwoman in the form of this lady, Kinley Keane. the quick run-down before i entirely pass out here: she's an army brat so wasn't ever really "from" anywhere, just grew up wherever her parents were stationed at any given time. they did manage to settle a bit in new york when she was around 10, and she lived there for the majority of her growing up past that. her mother and sister were killed in a car accident when she was 12, which certainly changed a lot of how she saw the world. she did decide to follow in her parents' footsteps, heading into the marine corps after graduating west point university (and petitioning like crazy to swap branches, not easy, but doable, phew.) she spent just under 10 years in the marines before deciding to leave, and subsequently found a new passion in photography -- which took her on a path to photojournalism. she's got a deep wanderlust that probably dates all the way back to when she was a kid, so her career really fits into that. she's also built up a lot of love for philanthropy, mostly financed by the money left to her by her mother. she has decided to come (back) to boston to really root down and start a studio for herself, giving her a home base for the first time in a long time. personality wise she can be a little prickly and doesn't trust very easily at first glance, though she's never an outright bitch -- she can more just come off aloof and closed off, oops. but once she trusts a person, she's pretty open and fun to be around.

lines wise, i've got a couple working, but solidly she's got exes of varying times in both [info]xiphos and [info]amazonium. i'd love any and all other lines for her, and if you want the tl;dr version of her history, it's right here!
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[06 May 2018|03:18pm]


Hello all! I'm here to advertise to you all Marvel's Mockingbird in the form of Miss Dinah Byrd -- southern peach, Boston newbie, #1 corgi mom, collector of microscopes, and Gemini. She recently moved to Boston to attend Harvard in the upcoming fall for a PhD in Biology. Previously, she attended University of Georgia and GIT. She was a forensic biologist for the Atlanta PD and was granted a transfer to BPD. Dinah's been feeling uneasy about her career lately though and is prone to one too many existential crises. Personality-wise, she definitely a handful -- legit always doing the most. She's a risk-taker and loves challenges similarly to Bobbi. I'm also going to awkwardly add in that she's 31 because I forgot to earlier.

As for lines, she's [info]squirrely's cousin, neighbor to [info]soviets, and friends with [info]bang and [info]vibrational. Some ideas I can throw out there are online turned IRL friends, friends in general, men she's recently hooked up with at a bar 🤷‍♀️, and roller derby teammates. If there are any ways to get Dinah more involved (i.e. -- community service, women's groups, etc.), please let me know! Also, folks who can fly (one way or another), come to me! Dinah may or may not drunkenly challenge your character to a race or enviously fawn over them in the future.

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